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Roberto Di Molfetta

I wrote a simple review of “Appunti sulle Scienze Sociali ed Altro”, http://robertodimolfetta.spaziofree.net, the original work of which my personal blog, called "scienze sociali" (social sciences), hosted by www.libero.it, is an extension (hosting is a free space - blank - on a server with documents inserted made by the user; in the case of my personal blog, libero.it simply offers the standard design but not images, texts and links, that are created, modified and/or selected only by the Author); the Internet official address of my personal blog, started in february, 2005, is http://blog.libero.it/scienzesociali.
I'm not English so that, please, read the following review with a little grammatical patience.


Name: Appunti sulle Scienze Sociali ed Altro
Work: Web Site of Social Sciences and More
Birth: July, 2004
Author: Roberto Di Molfetta (and no one else)
Scientific Works: Roberto Di Molfetta and others (where specified)
Web Address http://robertodimolfetta.spaziofree.net


In “Appunti sulle Scienze Sociali ed Altro”, in italian “Notes about Social Sciences and more”, you find original texts about social sciences written and selected by the author, webmaster, designer, content manager, writer and programmer Roberto Di Molfetta; there is also biographies, works, argoments and teories of important authors who made modern social sciences a reality like sociologists Franco Ferrarotti, Max Weber, Robert K. Merton, the economist John Maynard Keynes and other important scientists.
The social sciences that i have considered are sociology, psicology, economy, communication sciences, historiography, sociolinguistic studies and political science.

The Home Page, named Main, is divided in sections; the most important sections are: “Testi” (Texts) that is a personal collection of essays written by the Author (you read them like 'Appunti RDM'); “Autori” (Authors) and “Altri Autori” (Others Authors) with internal and external ipertestual links to pages dedicated to important scientists; parts of this section are written or revisited by the author; “Settori di studio” (Studies) in which there is monographic pages about the social sciences.
Google™ Search Engine in Home Page and in the apposite page consents to the users to find, in the Web and in the site, specific words and argoments if present.
A special section is “Altro” (More) in which visitors can read works of author in licteracture, critic of poems, writing and, again, metadocuments written to talk about popolarity in Internet of project, to promote it, to ask visitors their opinions in “Sondaggi” (Surveys). A guestbook and an area about sites that links “Appunti sulle Scienze Sociali ed Altro”, with personal directory of external links, in italian language, about social sciences, called “Collegamenti di scienze sociali”, complete the project.

This work is personal and not created by italian universities or academies et similia: ideas are selected and created only by the Author. No one helps me, the Author, Roberto Di Molfetta; only my personal patience, brain and passion for my and uman work and, again, persons who links in the free Web the project, have supported me to create and to maintain the project live with success.

Roberto Di Molfetta was born in Salerno, Italy, in 17-07-1974, and he had lived in Salerno, Arezzo, Rome until 2004; I live currently in Italy. To know something about him, visit his personal page in this site (in italian).

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